• Contains all registered hoses of the AMHA.
  • All information is updated quarterly.
  • Each horse has their very own individual WEB Page.
  • All Horses (Sire, Dam, Foal, Other Parent) are linked to their page.
  • National Show Results
  • Pedigree reports available for every horse.
  • Dynamic Help Screen - Lists all abbreviations and meanings for horse pages.
  1. Horse Information
    • HORSE - Name, Horse Id, Foal Date, Sex, Color, Blood Typing, Status, Height
    • Sire Name , Sire Id, Foal Date, Sex, Color, Blood Typing, Status, Height
    • Dam Name , Dam Id, Foal Date, Sex, Color, Blood Typing, Status, Height
    • Breeder Name.
    • Owner Name.
  2. Foal Information
    • Foal Name, Foal Id, Foal Date, Sex, Color, Blood Typing, Status, Height
    • Parent Name - Other Parents name
    • The above to lines repeat the above two lines for every foal.
    • Total - Total Number of Foals listed
  3. Show Information
    • If the horse has placed in the top 2 of the National Show those results will be listed.
    • Year, Class, Result
    • Above line repeated as necessary

Show Results Page
  • The name of a horse with qualifying show titles will always be in italics.
  • The National Show page displays the top two place finishers of all classes.
  • Clicking on the year of any horse's show result will take you to the National Show Page.
  • Displays ten records per page - Use scroll bar to view records not on screen.
  • Previous and Next will display to next 10 Records
  • Dynamic Help Screen - Lists all abbreviations and meanings for Show Result pages.
  1. National Show Information
    • Year - Year of Show
    • Class - National Show Class
    • Result - Codes used to save space use HELP to see explanation
    • Horse Name - Horse Name (linked back to studbook)

Here are some sample horse pages for you to see. The links between the horses however have been disabled.
Avaliable Sample Horse Pages:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Avaliable Sample Horse Pedigree Pages:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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